Sunday, February 27, 2011

and Yesterday, I experienced Slow Food

recently, I joined the Slow Food Convivium in the Blue Mountains. the muffin workshop was part of that as was the day known as 'Pedal to Providores' that I attended yesterday.

just before I left, Joe snapped a photo of me... of course, I hate it. the double chin et al. . (oh my, why on earth did I put this photo on this post? why? why? why? - but this is me. slow. simple. simply me)

The idea was to gather produce from your own garden and I did: potimarron, cucumbers, mini capsicums, basil, eggs and tomatoes from the aforementioned self seeded tomatoes [cannot believe how many I have gathered from these plants. enough to just about open a market stall!]

then 10 of us met [from all different walks of life - even Walt, an american Navy Officer who is on holiday here at the moment] at the CO-OP in Katoomba with our chef, Andrew and hostess Anne.. and worked out a menu.. the other idea was to Pedal to all the local providores to buy goods and cook.. but some of us chose to walk. and what a walk it was.. 7 klms or there abouts..

the next stop was the Community Gardens - where we gathered herbs and foraged for weeds.. dock being the most sought after.

then onto Carrington Cellars to buy buffalo mozzarella & cream {this is Anne, our hostess - a woman, passionate about Slow Living.}

then a few stops at Hominy Bakery for artisan bread, Vinnies for some vintage aprons and then onto CloudLands - Anne's Home where we created lunch - with Andrew.

my first job was to strip the leaves from the Vietnamese Mint - which was gathered at the community gardens.

and that mint was used in the making of Rice Paper rolls along with vermicelli, carrot, smoked tofu & the mint. served with dipping sauce.

Andrew, roasted my pumpkin in garlic, coriander and cumin and served it with my basil.

He made soup from Jerusalem artichokes that were gathered from Anne's garden - served with cream and a tiny drop of truffle oil.. and bread.

eggs for a frittata, tomatoes served with basil & the buffalo cheese, a salad with cream, garlic and cucumber

a delicious lunch with people sharing a common interest.. ending with a delicious dessert of apple & walnut crumble - [apples gathered at the community gardens].

ending with me coming home, even more enthused about getting vegetables growing, tips on how to look after my chickens..and other important things.. that will help heal the planet. it all begins with me & the ripple effect that is created... know what i mean?


laoi gaul~williams said...

oh robyn, you are so lucky to be living in such a great little community with REAL shops!
and that is all so wonderful sounding

and that look lovely! a real, warm soul :)

Winterwood said...

that food looks yummy and what a wonderful way top eat your way to a healthier planet too!

Fire Byrd said...

I can't tell how much I enjoyed this post Robyn. It made my heart sing and my face smile.
There is nothing so wonderful as the simple pleasures. Mine for me this morning was walking the dog in very gentle rain which isn't cold, hearing the birdsong in the woods I was in, and hearing the Church bells in the distance. And now reading this.
Huge contented ~Sigh~

foxysue said...

It's rippling over here, it all sounds and looks delicious, as do you in your pic!

Lots of love, slow living and all of that!

Sue x

Janet said...

My mouth is watering! It all looks and sounds so delicious and so healthy....just as food should be. What a wonderful way to spend your day.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

All the food looks and sounds so delicious -- especially your pumpkin! The Slow Food movement is wonderful, I'm glad you're partaking of its mindfulness and life-affirming attitude. And your photo is just fine -- you look like the Earth Goddess you are!

rebecca said...

this is completely inspiring...
especially to your friends in the southwest who are covered with a new blanket of snow!!
you have me dreaming of seed packets and soup making.

thank you for your scrumptious repast...sharing the beauty of soulful slow living.
i feel the satisfaction of your shared day.
you have me dreaming if Spring!

Anonymous said...

It all looks delicious, and to know it has been grown locally and not shipped half way around the world is fantastic. Well done you guys!

gemma said...

Wow! Whole foods,locally grown, cooked with love and inspiration. I love this Robyn. It is where I wish to be with gardening and food prep. BTW For a simple girl you have a cool haircut and an awesome tat!

rebecca said...

thank you for joining this hope for healing...
this call out for simple beauty. this circle of love!

deb did it said...

YOU are simply precious...and now I am so hungry after visiting you here

Leslie said...

looks delicious!

Noelle Renee said...

You had me at the roasted pumpkin, I have to tell you. You really didn't need to go any further than that! What an incredible repast and community effort toward better and more environmentally sound living. In addition, you get to spend the afternoon having a wonderful meal with great friends who put in such effort. I am hungry and impressed and I just ate dinner. Lovely Miss 'R!

amelia said...

This is so amazing and would, could not ever happen here! How wonderful to live in such a place.
Everything here is so spread out with miles between places and even between stores.

Imogen said...

Gorgeous post that sets my tum rumbling! Also I like the picture - soory you don't! - you look like a modern-day Demeter with a basket-shaped cornucopia.

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)