Monday, June 27, 2011

my yesterday

what I am doing:
I am struggling. with who I am. but that's ok.. i just have to work it through. I mean, I know who i am really.. just not at the moment.
I am still taking part in the You are Your Own Muse with Vivienne McMaster and have a wonderful time taking photos of self.. as you can see above
I am also working through a workshop with Andrea Schroeder - Creative Journal Magick.. oh and boy, am I struggling with that.. being creative.. this year in my journal, I have created only 5 pages.. not sure why.. the Muse went on holidays when I moved in here..and now the gremlins and saboteur are in full force.. constantly telling me that : "this whole thing is pointless, and stupid and that I should be a grown-up and go do important things." ~ makes me cry sometimes because I so, so want to create..
today: I wash & clean the bathroom... that is very important stuff to do.. and then this afternoon.. I create magick in my journal. I have committed and promised myself at least 1/2 hour a day just for that.. oh and then there is the self portraits.. and that is fun!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the turning point

Winter Solstice ~ the turning point of Winter

Spirit that is within,
be with me now as the Sun returns to the world
with the passage of this, the longest night.
This turn of the wheel brings the renewal of light and life without,
so be it within

winter solstice dawned a beautiful blue clear sky.. by mid afternoon - it was blowing a gale coming off icy snow somewhere out west. so my plans to meditate at Katoomba were thwarted..
the garden here at Villa Maria is abundant - lots of mustard greens, chicory & curly endive. .. and oranges.

picked daily - still cold from the brisk morning frost - dripping with sunshine

and mustard greens - shredded and waiting to be lightly steamed - then served with Guinness and Beef Casserole - a Daisy recipe.

and trying to coax the magick into my garden at Villa Maria and some sunshine into my soul.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Postcards..not from Paradise.. but from Winter Magic

yesterday - Joe & I went to the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. a yearly gathering of people celebrating winter solstice in a way that only people in Katoomba can do! first of all we enjoyed breakfast at our favourite cafe - The Hattery.. Italian style scrambled eggs with sauted mushrooms and a Chai Latte to drink..I had ribbons tied in my hair and wore patchouli oil. Crystals around my neck and off I went..

shop windows are decorated - in all manner of styles

a day of music & busking...

colour & art

some wore hats. some wore masks. some wore wings....

others just followed their passion..

people had their say..peacefully.

taking part in the parade....

in the spirit of what makes this place so special. Katoomba is a power spot for me. I come alive when I am there. the air is crisp and clear.

a day just for the people

and little people

sometimes, it was just good to rest and watch the world go by..

and of course - Lord & Lady Winter made an appearance - as they do each year..

Friday, June 17, 2011

4 years on

four years ago today. Daisy passed.
Not a day goes by without me thinking of her

Thursday, June 9, 2011

that's me in the spotlight...

I must say. that I am absolutely loving the Vivienne McMaster workshop - You are Your Own Muse. I am still finding it difficult to see myself in photos and I am very critical. it is getting easier to play to the camera though!
this week..
'taking a soundtrack of my life right now & creating a CD cover..'

I woke early this morning and wanted to take a snap of how i looked.. old pjams and all. hair not done.. hugging myself.. loving myself.. the song by R.E.M came into my mind when I saw this photo... yes, it has been doctored a little in PicniK... but fun !!

..."so you look into the land and it will tell you a story" - Great Southern Land by IceHouse
this afternoon, I took myself up to Olympian Rock lookout. it was freezing and blowing a gale and quite difficult to take self portraits.. but this one shows that I live in a beautiful, sacred place. I do believe this place is on a Ley Line connected to Glastonbury.... do you like my new beanie?

tomorrow, Joe and I are off on a little bike ride. for the weekend. - out west - to a town called Dubbo.. visiting a Zoo where we can ride pushbikes around ... midwinter here and expecting snow somewhere... brrrr..

Monday, June 6, 2011

what have I been up to?

Understand, I am always trying to figure out
what the soul is,
and where hidden,
and what shape.

I believe I will never quite know.
Though I play at the edges of knowing,
truly I know
our part is not knowing,
but looking, and touching, and loving
words by Mary Oliver

I have been cooking alot. experimenting with lots of spices. eating lots of vegies and fruit.

creating smoothies made with
rice milk
cinnamon and honey
a banana
hemp oil & flaxseed oil [stone ground of course]
spirulina & chia seeds.

and taking lots of photos..... [I find it dreadfully difficult, near impossible, to take and display photos of myself. I am learning how to love myself. how to not be so critical of this body.. loving and accepting and yes, honouring, all the things that I see as flaws. all the silly things.. like the crinkly neck, crooked teeth, dark circles under my eyes.. these all make up the person who is ME. I am learning to love me.]
"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)