Monday, June 6, 2011

what have I been up to?

Understand, I am always trying to figure out
what the soul is,
and where hidden,
and what shape.

I believe I will never quite know.
Though I play at the edges of knowing,
truly I know
our part is not knowing,
but looking, and touching, and loving
words by Mary Oliver

I have been cooking alot. experimenting with lots of spices. eating lots of vegies and fruit.

creating smoothies made with
rice milk
cinnamon and honey
a banana
hemp oil & flaxseed oil [stone ground of course]
spirulina & chia seeds.

and taking lots of photos..... [I find it dreadfully difficult, near impossible, to take and display photos of myself. I am learning how to love myself. how to not be so critical of this body.. loving and accepting and yes, honouring, all the things that I see as flaws. all the silly things.. like the crinkly neck, crooked teeth, dark circles under my eyes.. these all make up the person who is ME. I am learning to love me.]


Ruth said...

That's weird - I must be in tune with you - last night I was really looking at my right leg, and thinking - this is part of me, all of it, every lump, bump and wrinkle - and I realised I need to love ALL of me.

Crystalrainbow said...

lol me too warts and all but its hard but its lovely to see you in front of the camera........ its nice to put a face to the name x x x x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

There is no worthier project than learning to love yourself. I think it's what we're all here for, really. And by the way, nice toque! Or do you Aussies call them "stocking caps" or "knit caps" or some such term? We Canadians love toques, the official headgear of winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,
I know what you mean. I am still searching and having a hard time. Not quite knowing who I really am and what I want.
The pleasures of peri menopause I understand. A lot of women my age struggle with the same things.
I think you look great, no need to hide ; )
Have a great day !!!

rebecca said...

i looked into each photograph...slowly and with great love, taking you in. (you are from my vantage point so easy to love.) before i read a single word.
love thy self.
i too wrestle with the enormity of this. the idea of chromosome 17 distorting what would have been.
my bittersweet life so richly entangled with yours.

like these enormous shadows and leaves you are opening with your love filled hands...

i am beside you on the edges of knowing.
seeking the deeper meaning. looking, touching, loving.


Janet said...

I've been wondering where you were and now I're out enjoying nature and taking photos. You should love're a beautiful, one-of-a-kind woman. There's only one of you so treat her with love and respect.

Smoothies are one of my favorite things. I've been busy freezing lots of fresh summer fruits so I can have my smoothies year 'round.

gemma said...

The photos are adorable
Really cute!
What's not to love?
We are on the same page
I enjoyed honey yogurt this morning
and want to go hang out in a tree.

Winterwood said...

I too was wondering where you were!! I dont like posting inpics of me wither for the very same reasons as yours! enjoy the photography in that lovely nature!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

"Beanies!" How cute!

deb did it said...

you are so adorable! I love that black & white! and you handing me a flower...and that last one too...OK, OK, OK...I LOVE THEM ALL! Playful and fun.

laoi gaul~williams said...

robyn you look wonderful in these photos, you always look perfect in all your photos.

oh my how many of us hate our photos?! i am one of them, i dont know how many ones i delete before i find one i like enough to put out there!

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)