Thursday, June 10, 2010

and the tree fellas came.....

[bright and early the tree fellers came - this is a family owned business and has been run by Leon & his wife for many, many years.. the children have now joined the team]
it is all systems go at Villa Maria.. the tree fellers came to remove a few trees and many shrubs. the garden has been overplanted and the citrus were struggling. we have inherited two angophoras in our back yard. huge native trees and they were being threatened too, with the overgrowth of shrubbery & weeds that had been allowed to rampage all over the backyard.

[the trusty chain-saw]
the neighbour hood of Villa Maria was abuzz with the noise of chain saws and mulchers for quite a few hours. what took these guys 4 hours would have taken dutch husband and I many days.

[off to be mulched] bundle, after bundle of twiggy scraps were taken out to the mulcher

[and off course, dutch husband is never idle.. he just has to jump in and give a hand]

this is the daughter who has taken over the business from Leon.. she is a grade four arborist and is the 'boss'.. yes.. women can be tree-fellers too. she is not afraid of jumping in and giving a hand either.

into the hungry mouth goes tree after tree, shrub after shrub, reminding me of a hungry baby bird, never satisfied or full when it's mother feeds it worms.. always chirping loudly..only this time it is a mulcher roaring away.. chewing at the trees and shrubs being feed into it

and now... Villa Maria.. looking very bare & exposed after all the shrubs have gone. after the ivy was taken down from climbing the brick walls. a blank canvas


mxtodis123 said...

It's going to be beautiful when you are done with it. I cannot wait to see the finished product.

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

a blank canvas is good :)
i cannot wait to see Villa Maria evolve under the love and care of both of you

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The other trees are saying, "Ah! We can breathe now!"

amelia said...

I'm sure it will be lovely!! Will you make it less bare?

Janet said...

A blank canvas is so much fun. I'm sure in a little while you will have all kinds of plants and trees and the place will have your own stamp on it.

Imogen said...

A blank canvas onto which you will now paint a beautiful, healthy garden!

gemma said...

Sometimes I cry when I see tree-fellers.*
But it this case I know the soil needs to rejuvenate and also know you'll tend the earth lovingly.

*Tree fellers here in the desert take out trees and put in parking lots.

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)