Monday, June 21, 2010

at Villa Maria ~ it seems like all systems go right now!

another weekend spent at Villa Maria.. pulling up more carpet. On Sunday morning I shooed dutch husband off for a ride... he is working so hard and he needed a break so off to breakfast he went on the Harley with a few friends, while I packed my picnic basket and went to wash walls and floors..

the bathroom is just about complete. we were short two rows of the black feature tiles ~ they should be in Wednesday then Anthony the tiler will be finished. on the left is where the shower will go and you can see where the taps will go for the bath.. not sure what colour to paint the walls any suggestions?

during last week, the brick dividing wall was taken down

first of all the bricks & gyprock were knocked out and supporting braces put in until the builder put a new supporting beam in. it has certainly opened up the space.

[Neil the builder is a laid back kind of guy].. he will be finished today or tomorrow.

dutch husband and I spent much of Saturday pulling the brick fireplace out..

he knocked it down and I was the carry all.. wheeling rubble outside. no need for they gym.. I am building muscle at Villa Maria.

[I was not going to put this photo in & there is no need for two fireplace photos.. but look at the orbs. They are orbs as I used the camera time and again all that day, here and there.. and this is the only photo that the orbs are in...] Villa Maria is enchanted. I do believe so.

and then dutch husband began painting my art studio, while I pulled up yet more carpet

dutch husband : [tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor] builder, painter....

all he wants to do is make me happy... what a lucky girl I am.. today, he is putting the final green coat on the walls..


Anonymous said...

Such great work. It looks fantastic. Can't wait to see the pictures of the colours in your study ; )
You are so lucky with Dutch hubby. Mine has been ever so helpful since the operation !!! Those've got to love them ; )

Pam said...

Fun photos Robyn! My god, I've never seen so many orbs in one photo - mighty impressive, and a lovely sign. xx

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Villa Maria is starting to look fresh and redone!

Imogen said...

All this work - I just know it is going to produce something wonderful. How lucky you are, indeed, to be building a new home place with such a loving kindred spirit. Blessed be!

Janet said...

What a lovely big window in the bathroom. And the tiles are beautiful.

Isn't it great to have a husband who is handy? Mine is the same way....he's happy to do it if it will make me happy.

Kathryn said...

Love how it is coming together. And, yes, those orbs are indicators of presences that seem to follow you...:) we all want to follow you!

gemma said...

Washing walls and floors is a spiritual way to be present in the moment and care for Villa Maria. Blessing to you.

Winterwood said...

what a splendid nest youre creating.. gyprock walls is something we dont have over here its all double brick and tile in most places! Makes renos that much harder!!!

~Sheila~@~tempus fugit~ said...

The house is really coming along Robyn. I love the bathroom tiles, and the lovely big window.
Dutch husband is obviously an excellent painter, because if I was wearing black and painting it would be very a disaster!
love and hugs

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)