Thursday, October 28, 2010

my thoughts of Uluru

when I decided not to climb Uluru, a peace came over me.. like I was doing my bit to honour our connectedness to one another.. I mean, we don't climb Stonehenge or the Pyramids and I would hate that someone would even think or want to climb over my ancestors graves..

Thursday morning. woke to rain, quite heavy - felt disappointed that it looked like i wouldn't get to walk the base of Uluru. But then I thought that this rain is for a reason. do I allow rain to stop me on part of this spiritual pilgrimage? or do I walk the base of Uluru, a little wary of the severe electrical storms that were predicted
the sky is dark but I am determined to walk the base of the rock. I don't care if I get wet. not at all. I am a little afraid of the lightning

as we drove up towards the rock, the scene was eerily familiar. rain came down..

driving on the way, I realized I had forgotten to bring my camera - was this the Elders way of telling me to go bare, to be simple, to absorb the energies? to me it seemed as if everything was against me walking the base

arriving at the start of the walk, I took my shoes off. the path was muddy & pools of water dotted along in front of me.

Joe walked on, ahead of me, to allow me time to myself. [these photos are from his iPhone - he took them as he walked along.. so pleased that he did, because i can share them here]

the paths meander along the base - sometimes close, sometimes a little way away.. you can see the water coming down from the rock.. they were gushing down

and some of the waterfalls poured into the waterholes.

waterholes are plenty at the base of the rock. now they are full. the water is pure. I dipped my hand into this one - blessing myself with Holy water from Uluru.

along the base of the rock there are many caves ~ the ancestors used them to shelter or for sacred ceremony. some you are not allowed to take photos of.. this one we could actually walk into

as I walked along alone, the puddles got deeper and deeper. I got a little frightened, I will admit.. scared of water snakes and other things in the water, which was up above my ankles by this stage... I was about a third of the way round, alone.. when Joe came back. he said that the water was up to his knees and you could not see where the path went. so we decided to walk on a little more so he could take a photo of me to show...

did I feel a connection? not sure. but I was in awe of being at the Heart of this ancient land Australia. my home. as I was walking along, I asked for belonging. I did hear a voice deep within tell me that I do belong. I hope that I can begin to believe that voice . sometimes I feel like a gypsy - with no place that I feel that I belong.

the clouds hid the top of Uluru. coming right down near the base. mist surrounded Her, eerily. the scene was breath-taking. it was here that I realized the reason for the rain. How many people get to see Her like this? I felt privileged.
[this photo was taken from the road that goes right around the base of Uluru]
as I walked along the flooded path, 3 crows flew overhead.. native crows calling to me.. later that day I saw a pure yellow butterfly and two desert lizards.
[I learned later from the aboriginal people, that the crow is connected to creation time]


laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

oh robyn how wonderful~you were certainly being guided by the unseen here!

Anonymous said...

Dear Robyn,
These photos are gorgeous! You always have the most interesting adventures.

gemma said...

What beauty. So glad you walked in the rain and in the puddles. Wow! What an experience.
Crows seem to like metaphysical places.

Ruth said...

Fascinating - thank you for showing us this. It is such a magical place

amelia said...

I have just read both entries! Words almost fail me, it's all so spiritual and beautiful and I love, love, love that deep, rich, red earth...

judie said...

A beautiful, serene place filled with peaceful spiritual feeling. Thankis for sharing.

Leanne said...

wonderful! you really can get a sense of the history here, the magic. thank you for showing us Robyn

Leanne x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Magnificent! And it was a revelation to me that Uluru has caves and waterfalls!

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)