Sunday, October 31, 2010

my time at Kata Tjuta [many, many photos]

with my climb of Kata Tjuta - I have decided to mostly let the pictures speak for themselves.. unless of course, I need to point something out. The pictures are mostly un-edited - the photos are in walking sequence.. words in italic are from my journal.
[you will see 'orbs' in many of the photos - yes, they were taken with the sun shining but i have my doubts that they are only sun spots. this place was one of the most spiritual places I have ever visited] - please click on photos to enlarge them.. many orbs will be seen
at Kata Tjuta, I asked the ancestors to help me with my belonging and spiritual journey.

ENJOY MY TIME AT KATA TJUTA - you will see that in comparison to the lushness of what England is like - this land that I have been born to this time is barren, hard & soul feels it.. and this is why I struggle.. but this land is oh, so, so ancient and wise. that is what i must tap into

the beginning of the 8 kilometer Valley of the Winds walk

many desert Mulgas dotted the pathways.. when the wind whistled through the branches it sounded like an Aboriginal corroboree and the beating of their music sticks... very ancient sound, stirring my soul. [orbs?]

the first stopping point - it was cold and very windy.. I cannot even tell how I felt when I first saw the view from this lookout

Joe, once again walked ahead of me, allowing me to absorb the energies without chatter

DOME AFTER DOME... Kata Tjuta means 'many heads'

I came upon many waterholes, that were crystal clear. as I crossed a creek, a red dragonfly greeted me & hovered for a moment before darting off...

pure enough to drink

a place where I sat for awhile, once again anointing myself with the Holy water of this ancient land "I dipped my hand into the stream water, expecting it to be cold, but it was warm. Budgerigars flew across at the moment I anointed myself - my brow and my crown chakras - with water from the heart of Australia."

a little finch [nyii-nyii] made itself known to me.. sat with me for a very short time..energies blending.

i walked up this stoney creek

and climbed through this tree.

arriving at a hill, which to me looked more like a mountain.. at the top was Joe, cheering me on.. you can do it!

and there was my very own rock.. at the second lookout of the Valley of the winds -

I believe that this is where the area gets its name.. it was very windy and so cold.. even though the sun beat down.. the wind whistled eerily, like the ancestors were talking to me.

down this cliff

to the valley floor

at the valley floor, I came across a pile of stones.. this is where i sat to meditate for quite awhile [will tell of my experience in another post].. of course, I had to add my stone to this. a sign that I had been here.

GAIA & the heart of Earth.. a very ancient land

FROM MY JOURNAL: I felt very welcomed here at Kata Tjuta, enveloped in a warm energy even though it was cold and windy. protected somehow. I heard many voices.. the Elders: "acceptance of where you are"..... as I was walking, thinking of how I was actually in the desert - physically and also creatively: "look around you, there is beauty always'...


gemma said...

I too have been born into a barren land. Kata Tjuta looks similar to Sedona. I understand the feeling of being protected by the land.

amelia said...

Lovely pictures indeed!
It seems funny that budgies fly free there as here, they are all in cages. I wish all birds could fly free without cages. I hate it.
I share your feeling of being connected to a place spiritually..

Ruth said...

Absolutely magical - and it feels as if you are at last accepting the spirit of this land to which you were born this time around.

Imogen said...

This is magical stuff in so many ways, Miss Robyn. Although the landscape is very different, your pictures remind me of climbing one of the spurs of Mount Parnassus, above Delphi, many years ago... Thank you for sharing your pictures and your Dreaming thoughts.

A bird in the hand said...

Looking at the photos, I can tell there is a lot of Power there. The pile of stones look very much like our inukshuk in the northern lands. The are markers, connecting travellers...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

A very rugged and powerful landscape. And that beautiful warm redness of the earth and rocks! I like to think of budgies flying free, too.

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)