Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 more gardenias & that is one garden done.

a busy day today at Villa Maria.. dutch husband went down early to jackhammer some more of the bathroom floor up, while I gathered some comfrey and fallen leaves at Inglewood to take down to Villa Maria to enrich the garden. a quick stop at Todarello's fruit shop to buy 3 more gardenias.. then into Springwood to get some lunch then to Villa Maria. [and do you know, that while I was at the deli buying some pastrami for lunch, I bumped into one of my friends from my sewing days.. she looking very glamorous and me in my garden clothes.. hair looking like a fright.. but for once I didn't really care.. after the first initial 'oh no'.. I just didn't care. I love my life.. and I am beginning to love who I am]

[this is the jade plant that the previous owner left for me.. I replaced the pot and this pot is a vintage one that i have had for years]

donning my garden gloves and work boots.. I began digging. My friend Marion has told me to dig small holes throughout the garden and put some leaves and comfrey in it, fill it in with soil and that will encourage the worms. so in the gardenia garden I did that among the plants.. planted the new gardenias.. and then watered them in & mulched them with pine needles that i had also bought from Inglewood.

we make cups of tea on the stove with a saucepan of water.. we don't have a jug there yet and it is very much like camping. we have two plates, cups and glasses. tea bags in a jar and sugar in a container.. making do with what we have.

after lunch, I began to fix the garden around one of the orange trees.. the poor thing is pretty much growing in shale. so I grabbed the sledge hammer and broke all the concrete and rocks that surrounded the trunk.. mulched heavily with cow manure, comfrey & autumn leaves then lucerne... hopefully the worms will come back.. I sure hope so.

[the Marian shrine that Joe built me for Mother's day.. I am planning on a garden around it but still not sure what to plant. I am thinking of taking some cuttings of my yarrow from Inglewood & planting it around the statue.. .. ]
so, a very physical day in the garden.. and all the while I was accompanied by Daisy the blackbird...


amelia said...

I love your last comment about Daisy the blackbird!! I'm positive she was there with you and I think you should talk to her while your there. If you don't already that is!!

Maybe this is the place you've been looking for or needing.

I have never before heard of a dearth of earthworms!! I always thought they were everywhere whether you needed them or not!!

laoi gaul~williams said...

i am so glad you are loving who you are and being true to your soul :)
its a hard thing and took me many years to achieve~i still have some way to go but getting there

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think you have to plant some lilies around your Marian Shrine because aren't lilies Her flower?

Lisa said...

I love reading about your time in the garden. You sound so content. I was given a jade recently but it looks different. I put it outside and it isn't very happy so I need to buy some pots and move it indoors. It's actually pieces that broke off my neighbor's huge plant during a storm so I have about 6 little ones. I'm so excited for you and Villa Maria.

Crystalrainbow said...

Its looking beautiful already :) cant wait to see how it evolves :) hope your weekend was peaceful x x x

Janet said...

I have no doubt that this garden will be thriving in no time at all. You're putting your heart and soul into it.

judie said...

I've been scrolling and visiting Villa Maria. Love being here with you. Love that creek! xoxoxo

Pam said...

This is all so exciting Robyn, especially as you've been accompanied by Daisy the blackbird.How wonderful. Have fun with your Marian plantings. I used to have a list of "Mary's flowers" - they were many and varied.Am I right in thinking yarrow was on this list, or perhaps it was tansy. Not sure.Anway, have lots of fun.Looking forward to pics of the progress. xx

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

The fruits of your labour will surround you in years to come. I love visiting Villa Maria♥ I always feel so tranquil and peaceful after reading your posts. How special Daisy was alongside you♥

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)