Monday, May 3, 2010

little by little, bit by bit..

yesterday was a busy day at Villa Maria.. last night, I was too exhausted to even post. had a lovely long soak in the bath and went to bed by about 9.30! [dutch husband was just as exhausted as I was!]

dutch husband had to be there at 8am to meet the concreter for a quote on a new driveway.. then he got stuck into the bathroom once more.

[this time, pulling a wall division out to open up the bathroom space. Now there will be room for a claw foot bath!]

10am & I arrived with morning tea - coffee from Bakehouse on Wentworth and for lunch some pastrami, cheese & a loaf of organic sourdough..
then I went outside and began a mammoth task - getting the garden back into order.. I actually began to wonder about my sanity.. I also wondered if I have it in me to re-create another garden like I did with Inglewood.. but no turning back now.
I tackled the hydrangeas first.. pruning the plants right back to two leaf nodes, giving them a lovely layer of cow manure, a big soak and then some lucerne..
we dug out 9 lavender plants [there time was long gone] and 5 nandinas.. digging over the soil and laying lucerne to encourage worms. [where the lavender were, I am going to plant gardenias.. it is in full sun and perfect for these delightful perfumed plants] I was surprised that I saw not one worm the whole time I was gardening. the soil is in a dreadful state, but I know with love & care it will begin to thrive in next to no time.

I also took a harvest of comfrey leaves from the garden at Inglewood and put them into a big plastic bin, filled it with water and covered it. My first comfrey tea for Villa Maria.. it will cook for about 6 weeks and will give the citrus a lovely fertilizer. .. I have inherited some lemons, oranges and a mandarin.. and each of them are struggling.. it will take a little time to get them into the healthy state of that of Inglewood's citrus but I know I can do it. like I said, the soil is not very healthy at Villa Maria and will need a lot of TLC.. [while cleaning around one of the orange trees yesterday, I could feel the energy of the tree.. it was breathing a sigh of relief that I was there & I felt nature divas working alongside of me.. I got a strong feeling to hang crystals from its branches, which I will do in the next week.. I do believe that this garden has called me to come help.. well, I like to think that it did!] . we planned our chook pen and where I am going to plant my potatoes..

[so far, from Inglewood to Villa Maria I have taken: two wooden garden seats (to sit on while we drink tea), my Mary statue for the shrine that will be created this month, my gargoyles, a rusty iron candelabra that is on the back verandah ...

and my grandma's lachenalias, which are sitting at the front door.]

[My grandma use to grow these bulbs in a cement trough...and I loved the little flowers ~ just like soldier boys all standing straight in a row ...but I use to call them lackenallys...]

I have also set up a temporary altar on the fireplace.. a Marian icon, a candle. a rose crystal and some incense.. yes, this house will soon become a home. it won't take long.


Crystalrainbow said...

How wonderful :) sounds like a magical place that you will soon make home. Comfrey tea will soon have the plants looking healthy again. Isnt it wonderful to be starting a garden from scratch like starting to paint upon a blank canvas :) Sounds like youve got it all under control x x Blessings hun

gemma said...

Gardenias are so fragrant...I love them. We have to grow them in shade here in the desert. How great to feel the vibe of working along with natures divas.

Janet said...

This garden will soon be thriving under your capable hands. I'm sure all the plants are happy to see someone who will nurture them.

Pam said...

Nothing quite so rewarding as making good quality soil and eventually seeing the earthworms happy and busy where previously there were none.Well done Robyn - the plants are indeed breathing a sigh of relief!

amelia said...

Did you plant the lavender somewhere else? I love it and would love to have some but like most other things, it won't grow here! Just a little too far north.
Oh how I envy you having citrus trees, I can only dream..

~Sheila~ said...

I love this post.
I am enjoying the process of healing the garden and the house. It needs you and Joe!
big hugs

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

It's wonderful to read and see what you and Joe have achieved so far in such a short period of time♥ It's going to be such an amazing home and garden. Thank you both for letting us take this journey with you♥

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)