Monday, May 10, 2010

an important discovery at Villa Maria & a very exciting happening

over the weekend, dutch husband & I worked hard.. at Inglewood and then at Villa Maria.. we dug out an old weigela to make way for the Marian Shrine, more carpet was pulled up and 3 old bottlebrush shrubs were taken out from the nature strip, creating quite a large pile of green waste in readiness for the council mulching. I also planted two gardenias where the lavenders were.. the plan is to have a whole hedge of them but I am only going to plant two at a time.. now I need to collect some pine needles to mulch them with.. oh and the Marian Shrine was constructed by Joe for me on Mothers Day [photo to come]

then we went exploring..

we knew there was a gate at the back of our property but hadn't been able to access the reserve at the back until we cut the big chain that was around the gate.. dutch husband and his muscles come in handy sometimes!

Joe & I wandered through the gate into what I can only describe as something out of maybe the Lost Forest. He left me there to explore..
I stumbled upon a grove of ancient angophoras..and I know that this in not Druid country, but there was an energy there that took me back eons.

[is there anything more sacred than this?] don't you think that they look like sentinels standing, protecting the space?

and I wandered down a slight slope to find, with a utter delight, a little creek.. I could not believe my luck.. all this at my very back door.. I know that this will be a place to come and sit..[except for the tiger snakes that will most probably share the space with me during summer time]

[my very own little creek]

I feel as if these trees really wanted me there. ... I cannot wait to spend more time with them!

oh & I had something very exciting happen to me while gardening at Villa Maria.. something very sacred. as I stood looking at my gardenias.. a dragonfly flew into the yard.. it flitted here and there.. I noticed it immediately because of the absolutely brilliant gold colour it was - shiny gold, glittering in the autumn sunlight.. it hovered awhile around the yard.. going here and there, like it was exploring, then darted to me, right in front of my face and stayed hovering for what seems minutes but was most probably only seconds..then flew all around me - .. and darted off.. it was one of those times, when you know that you are in the middle of a magick moment. what do you think of that?


Pam said...

How wonderful! All of it!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Golden dragonflies, sacred groves, trickling creek -- I just know this will be a wonderful move for you! Your own little paradise!

Tracy said...

Beautiful forest photos! I believe Villa Maria is going to be a place of peace and enchantment. :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely space ~ where I grew up I had my own little creek. I was convinced that was where the faeries would play.
A dragonfly symbolizes positive changes and renewal ~ how perfect for it to come to you just now.
Beautiful post Robyn, you seem so content at this moment and full of wonder and delight for the future.
sending love ~
ah, gardenias are heavenly, mine are just starting to bloom ~

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,
I have read all the previous posts too and it seems you have landed in a very magical spot. Talking about those trees and the creek and the animals you have seen, wow, this is very special. I will follow you, while you explore your new home. Wish I could see it with my own eyes, but will settle for the pictures and your stories ; )
Have a wonderful day.
Hugs from The Netherlands

Janet said...

Oh, Robyn, what a beautiful discovery! That looks like the perfect place to sit and think and get in touch with your feelings. And a creek, too! Perfect....except for the snake part!

Crystalrainbow said...

Oh sounds amazing :) what a glorious time you have had. Looking at your pic sent tingles right thru me, i think its a very special place. Lucky find and lucky girl :) i look forward to hearing more x x x

gemma said...

Nature is magic. Lovely that it is at your back doorstep. It looks beautiful. May you find absolute peace and tranquility there. I think the golden dragonfly is a faerie sent to welcome you.

amelia said...

It looks beautiful!! It actually looks very much like our property here in Canada. We have a creek running through it and one day when I was knitting in our little boat in the middle of the lake, a dragonfly sat on my knitting which made me stop and watch him. He just stared at me and turned his little head one way and the other but didn't take his eyes off my face. He stayed for at least ten minutes then flew off!!

laoi gaul~williams said...

the woods remind me of the new forest~very sacred and special~absorb the energies :)

Ruth said...

That's wonderful Robyn. I would love to explore with you, but I'll have to come astrally if that's OK!

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)