Monday, November 15, 2010

yes, I am home

[a vignette that I focused on while eating my meals in silence]

so, so much to absorb at the moment. some of my retreat will remain private - between me and my God, but eventually I will share the photos that I took on my last day - on an early morning walk... and some few snippets from my journal but first of all I want to ask: prophesy?

remember this collage from a few months ago?:

notice the building in the background of the collage

notice the similarity to the building in the collage... - so many things in the collage above are very similar to my weekend away. the woman in the front was very similar to many icons shown in our talks in the morning and my room was upstairs [notice the stairs and the bed] - the plant in the front was similar to many around the property - the door at the top of the stairs was similar to the entrance door to the building.. and I did quite a bit of work on my inner little girl. was this a prophecy or something my soul knew was going to happen? I like to think so.

each morning the priest Fr. Naughton held Tai Chi under the arches. He wore a beret.. he was a beautiful soul - and the love of God permeated his being. I felt so loved when in his presence.

now see below the collage that I did after the first one..

notice the man in the center.. surrounded by women.. the retreat was a woman's retreat for contemplation..
do you see a resemblance to the Priest in the man with the beret? and the many aspects of me that I took to the retreat..

ps: I loved it!!!!!


Winterwood said...

are you able to tell where it was held? was it a convent? I am so glad you had a good time there and will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the retreat as you share them with us.

Kathryn said...

Synchronicity is all about recognition of what connects us to others and ourselves. Such a sacred time you have had these past few months! Awesome

Annie said...

Good morning Robyn. I am so very happy that you had a successful retreat and loved the experience. See? Told ya so. LOL

Your first collage is a marvelous foreshadowing of what was to come. I think sometimes when we create collages, our subconscious mind takes over for what we can't, in present time, express. They are almost like dreams.

Very much looking forward to more of what you feel free to share and, of course, the pictures to come.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the retreat! Perhaps your collages were revealing to you what your soul was hungering for.

Ruth said...

Beautiful synchronicities - the priest is definitely like the man in the beret! I am glad you have found something so nurturing for your soul.

mxtodis123 said...

I am so glad to hear that the retreat went well....and also that your post finally came through, but I think it might be my computer because the pictures did not come through. I will check on my home computer. It's very strange, but my work computer and home computer both work differently.

gemma said...

Amazing what you found in these collages.
So often you hear of people discovering things in their vision/dream boards. I know I have too. It lets you know that spirit guides you.
Give yourself a big hug!

Imogen said...

That retreat sounds wonderful, and a perfect afternote to your trip into the red interior; two different but complementary experiences of connection and energy. The flower pictures from your last morning at Uluru are fantastic, too. So marvellous to see such life and strength and colour blooming in the deep desert.
A few years ago after a pretty hefty emotional shock (loss of a cherished relationship - totally grim) I was prescribed Flower Essence of Sturt Desert Pea for the deep emotional pain and grief. Now I've seen the flower and it is like a torch; it moves me to know I've had a contact with something so beautiful and potent! (& effective, too, thank goodness - the combined essences are really good too - I think this is the same company
Blessed be!

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)