Friday, March 25, 2011

on the 2nd (& 3rd) days..

we rode through the country side of Victoria to the Gold rush town of Bendigo. arriving at Rosa May Cottage - our accommodation for two nights. a quick cup of tea, change of clothes and off we went to our Gold mine tour.

where we proceeded to dress our selves in an assortment of oversized clothing. complete with boots, gloves and helmet with light.

I ended up looking very much like a cornish miner.. or a gnome.

[miners of old didn't have this modern lighting on their hats, they had candles. actually they didn't even have hats.]

we went to a depth of 81mtrs underground. very exciting. however, I did not find any gold. if I had, I would not be here blogging.
after the tour we were taken to the 'lunch room' and to my surprise and delight, we were served a Cornish pastie. yum. yum. yum.

after the tour, we went looking for somewhere to have dinner & on our way we came across this absolutely magnificent building.

it took my breath away. I was in awe. what was it? I kept looking and looking at it in wonder... [the tale of this building will be a separate post.. I think it warrants it]

we stumbled upon a Mexican restaurant. to our delight..

Margaritas and Sangria.. and of course more food & dessert. It seems all I did was eat.

to work of some of the weight I was sure I was gaining.. we went walking. Bendigo is quite hilly - we walked around streets. up hills and back down again. into the heart of the city. ..

wandering around town.. where Queen Victoria reigns supreme..

the next day.. we went on a talking tram tour.. around all the points of interest.. chinese temples from the gold rush days. old buildings. beautiful parks... just playing tourists.

[next, the Cathedral and our ride to Hall's Gap]


Winterwood said...

Bendigo looks so nice, I must get there one day to visit! but down a goldmine? oh youre so brave I dont have the guts to go down that far!!!

amelia said...

I love the mine pictures, looks like home! We have a lot of mines in our area, some working and others just for tours. My kids went down a nickel mine last weekend for a tour.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Bendigo looks like a charming place! Glad you got in touch with your Cornish roots, LOL!

Fire Byrd said...

You don't look like a gnome, you look cute in your safety gear.
Sounds a great break, with walking and food being right up there as the right activities.

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. Looking forward to the next installment.

Was in Springwood on Friday around about lunchtime. Saw a lady crossing the road as I was driving through the shopping centre, made me think of you.

gemma said...

How fun!
"I see your light come shining...from the west down to the east..."

Serena said...

What fun! I love the pic of you in the miner's gear.

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)