Thursday, March 31, 2011

sorry, I just have to post this

blood tests for my thyroid have also shown that my cholesterol is up and that I have a vitamin D deficiency.
for heavens sake! I live in the sunny country. the land where melanoma is just about the number one killer from too much sun.
how can I be vitamin D deficient?
because my liver and adrenals are stressed and not working to utilize the vitamin D. most probably from the radiation I had 10yrs ago and the stress that I carry in my genes.
will this kill me?
most probably not.
although I do know that women with stressed livers & adrenals and high cholesterol.. can suffer heart attacks.
it is all connected you see.
the liver is affected by the grief from childhood issues and early life. grief & sadness held in. tears not allowed to fall.
adrenals are connected as well to sadness, grief & stress..
and then the thyroid plays a part in it all as well..
taken off HRT last year did not help.
honestly, I could just about cry.
[like I said, I had to post this because. who knows why.
I will be back tomorrow. happier I hope.

and that brings us to the end of March


Anonymous said...

Oh Robyn, I can imagine you're not feeling happy. I wouldn't be either after such news.
Luckily there are good pills to replace vitamine D. My daughter has to use them too.
Maybe when you're longer off the HRT, things will settle down. I hear a lot of those problems exist because of the HRT. I sure hope you will be feeling better soon.


Imogen said...

Oh lord, I'm sorry - take care over there. At least these are known and treatable conditions, and stress can be worked on, too. Gather your self in and rest and be kind to your heart - physically and spiritually.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Stress leaves us a definite physical legacy, no doubt about that. I'm glad you're getting good medical attention with these issues!

Wendy said...

I'm dealing with all sorts of fun thyroid isues as well..I had to take Deplin for a Vit. D the as well. I guess with the whole D deficiency, from what I've read is that the ozone layer covering our planet is not letting us filter D. the way we need. Just find a really good Dr. you trust, I had to interview a few...
Sending you blessings of healing

Fire Byrd said...

Well frankly my dear crying would do you the world of good. And letting go always makes us feel better, ok for 'us' read ME!
lots of love

foxysue said...

It's one darn thing after another! That's what life feels like sometimes, something else to get your head round! Sometimes shedding a tear helps with the pressure of it all.

Hope you'll be feeling better tomoz,

Sue x

Winterwood said...

a friend of mine who also has thyroid probs also now has a vit D deficiency, so thinking maybe the two are connected in some way? We all seem to have our little probs dont we... hope you are feeling better tomorrow and happier! I do agree with what you said about the sadness etc it seems to fit in with what my friend also had...

Janet said...

Robyn, I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Stress has such an effect on us. I'm sending you some big hugs and hope things are better for you today.

judie said...

Not to worry Ms. R. Thyroid can be controlled with a teeny, tiny pill. Mine is. I just wanted you to know I was here and have been scrolling to see what I missed. As always, I leave happy and peaceful from my visit. xoxo

Dmarie said...

forgive me for being a Pollyanna, but after the understandable tears, you can at least be happy that the tests pinpointed problems that can well be addressed! best wishes on your journey back to perfect health!

gemma said...

Everything is going to be OK! Expect good things. I take natural Thyroid. Have been for a few years. Send Dr. Emoto prayers to the water in your body too.

Pam said...

You'll feel so much better on the Vit.D Robyn!
When mine was found to be chronically low I said "Look at me! Olive skin. Always outdoors ..." However it's how your body is not processing it, rather than the amount of sunlight we have in Australia, that's the problem.
Good luck with it all. Once the medications kick in I'm sure you'll notice a big difference.
Mother-in-law's family had a history of thyroid problems and the condition made the women concerned quite weepy. They've had successful positive results with good medical guidance.
All the best, and although the intial diagnosis is disappointing, I look forward to hearing that your doctors are on to it all and helping you feel much better. xxx

amelia said...

The Vit D can be fixed easily. I've been taking a LOT for quite a long time ad feel soooo much better!
I hope your cholesterol can be fixed by diet although from the things you write about that you eat, your diet appears to be great!!
I hope it's all taken care of anyway and that you're feeling better soon!!

Out Back said...

Sorry you are having such a hard time lately...Hoping you get your health issues sorted out quickly and can get back to enjoying life again.

Just letting you know I dropped by...


rebecca said...

dear one,

oh how i have missed you. how lovely to be able to sit up and read through your lovely posts. i am so glad your journey was safe and soul filling.
i have been so terribly ill, sleeping for days and fighting to find strength.
i just had to sneak out of bed and post a get well your way.
so glad we have each other...
more than you know.

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

Robyn sorry to hear of this, hope that you are feeling better very soon. We've been battling vitamin D deficiency too, my daughter has been hit hard with it. She is on supplements and her last tests showed a rise.

I recently asked for a message to tell me what we needed and randomly pulled out some scrabble tiles - the letters were SUNOL, using the s twice they made up the words SUN and SOL. We will try to spend time out in the early morning and late afternoon sun. I am of a beleif that sunscreens and sunglasses prevent our bodies producing vitamin D so we don't wear either at those times.

Sheila said...

Oh Robyn, you say it can be caused by grief being held in, and then late you say I could cry. Well girl, go ahead..!
That's what you need. I think crying can be therapeutic, and maybe you would feel better if you let some of it out now and again.
Love you

Holly said...

You know that my thyroid doesn't work well and I take medication for it. I also, genetically, have high cholesterol, but it's not something I worry about and take medication for it.

Now, the Vitamin D? I take a huge amount of that, and the thing is, we all need to take it because we live faster and faster and our bodies need it to process so much. We don't get it from the sun as we used to...

I love you, don't fret...just go to the chemist and get some vitamin D it's one of my favs to take.

A bird in the hand said...

I once had Vit D deficiency and had to add Vit D to my calcium intake. Within a month, it was back to normal. I take at least 1000 IU a day now (also good for the immune system), along with calcium and magnesium, the three needing each other to be efficient. I also have to watch my cholesterol because it's hereditary and now it's begun to be something I have to be careful with, mostly with what I eat and exercise. I have to say though that I always shed my tears, even when people around me tried to hush me. I still do. Never suppress your tears.
thinking of you. xoxo

Ruth said...

Sending love and healing to your liver and adrenals xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Robyn,
I'm sorry to hear you are having health issues.
Sending love and healing prayers.

Serena said...

My son was diagnosed a few months back with severe Vitamin D deficiency so was put on a supplement. After some research on the net, I have started taking Vitamin D myself as I read that a lot of people are Vit. D deficient and don't even know it and this can cause so many ailments. I guess because we are so sun-conscious due to the cancer dangers, we stay indoors more nowadays.

My bad cholesterol was up a bit in past few blood tests but my saving grace is that my good cholesterol levels are higher than average so it cancelled out the bad cholesterol so the doctor said it was fine. This made me happy because I don't want to go on medication for cholesterol...I'd rather try to adjust my diet and walk more.

I'm due to go back for blood test results in a day or so as my iron levels were low last time.

Anywhoo, try not to worry too are not alone.

Serena xo

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh robyn poor you~i have been taking mediaction for high cholesterol for a few years now and all seems well although i have to watch my diet closely because of that and my diabetes.
sending many *hugs*

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)