Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday dawns

and it is raining. I am once again, not looking forward to getting on the back of the bike. fear sets in. the same fear as back in December, which I spoke about:

I have a fear in my soul of getting on the bike.. Mum carried on a little when we said goodbye - crying that she doesn't know what she will do if something happens to us while away...the fear-mongering of my childhood coming back to haunt me. all night I tossed and turned.. and truthfully, I am dreading getting onto the bike..this is where my faith in what will be, will be comes into the fore... keep me in your thoughts, surround me with Angels.. I feel sick.

this has to be my last time. I am not enjoying it as much anymore.

please, please surround me with angels etc. etc. etc...

we are leaving in an hour or so..
see you on facebook or when I arrive home xoxo


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, many Angels will accompany you, I know. Would a sidecar possibly be more conducive to being a passenger? Seems more stable and secure somehow, at least to me -- a non-biker!

Janet said...

My thoughts will be with you on your trip. I'm sure your husband is a safe rider and won't let anything happen to you. Try to relax and enjoy yourself. Have fun!!

Cottage Tails said...

Totally understand. We had a Norton & did South Island on out honeymoon - I have no desire to go on the back of a bike.

Time has come possibly for you too, try to enjoy your last trip. You will be fine! A new stage is coming - I wonder what your DH will buy.


Love Leanne

Anonymous said...

You will be fine Robyn.
I'm always anxious before a trip. You are always surrounded with angels, have no fear.

Serena said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip, Robyn!

It's natural for a mother to worry for the wellbeing and safety of her children so, put your worries aside, keep a positive mindset and enjoy the journey. It sounds like you are going to be in for a wonderful time. I'm not on Facebook anymore so I'll eagerly await your return to hear all about it.

Serena xo

james said...

JULIE said,

My good thoughts are with you. :)

laoi gaul~williams said...

keeping you safe in my thoughts dearest robyn

foxysue said...

My darling, I know how you feel, I have been riding pillion for what seems a life time, every year I say this is the last. Then I look at my love and know in my heart after everything he has done for me it won't be!

He so loves his bike, after all it was his 'first love' before me.

I was thinking of you riding this morning I'm sending calming energy your way!

Sue x

rebecca said...

completely surround dear one....every moment.
rebecca and a host of angels

Naturegirl said...

Ms. R. it has beensome time since I came by to visit! I am assuming it is the back of a motorbike of some sort. Ride with the wind Ms. R...hear the whispers in your ear..the angels I'm sure watch over you. A harley wantabe

Anonymous said...

Hi Robyn,
I sure hope you will relax and you won't be that frightened on the way. By this time you will have been on the way for some days and I sure hope you are enjoying yourself.
Have a great trip !!!
Hugs from The Netherlands and yes, I'm back at Magpie Hollow. I just couln't stay away ; )

Pam said...

You'd be three days into the trip by now. Thinking of you and wishing you happy

judie said...

Fear not, Miss Robyn. You are surrounded by faith that should carry your heart and mind to happy, pleasant thoughts. You are going on an adventure with your soul mate. Think of all those who would love to trade places with you, and you will know how fortunate you are and that you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Have a wonderful time and let us bloggers know how much fun you had when you return, because some of us stone agers (like me) do not have facebook accounts (and don't wanna). Be safe. xoxoxo

gemma said...

May St Christopher go with you.

Angela said...

Oh that fear. It's a stinker, isn't it? Hope you're doing okay.

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)