Friday, April 8, 2011

what is happening at Villa Maria

1. I am taking vitamin D for a while. My naturopath has also advised me that I must sit out in the sun - midday. for 10 mins with my belly bared. apparently, the liver & solar plexus needs the sun to synthesize the Vitamin D.. makes sense.. solar is the sun.. and yellow is the colour of this chakra

2. I made parsley honey wine during the week.. according to St. Hildegarde's recipe. I now sip a small glass each night.. helps the heart... so the book says.

3. wearing blue chalcedony for the nerves and a blue lace agate for my throat chakra..

4. more tests to be done next week for my thyroid but the ultrasound for a goitre was all clear [and whoever called it a goitre in the first place? what a dreadful, dreadful name]

5. eating less carbohydrates to help the heart & cholesterol level

6. a small glass of red wine is partaken of, each night with dinner. helps the heart. apparently. according to my naturopath.

7. my naturopath plucked some chicory from her garden for me to grow. she wants me to eat lots of greens.. for the heart..

8. I have planted lettuce, beetroot, onions, spinach and garlic during the week. some of which the possums enjoyed overnight.. Joe built some cages to protect the small plants...

9. I have been doing crystal healing on my self each night [blue lace agate for the thyroid, amazonite for the liver, chrysocolla for the heart] .. and adding some reiki. all done while listening to healing bells.

10. I have been trying to make my liver smile. how do I do that? you ask... by visualizing my liver and then a big smile into it.. the liver must, must be joyful

11. I do believe this little health scare was God's way of saying ' hey.. look after yourself. SLOW DOWN. take note..' [and I am]

12. I have decided to become an Oblate.. a journey with the Good Samaritans and St. Benedict. my first meeting today.

13. this afternoon, I go on retreat for the weekend. looking forward to the silence. 'It is in the silence, that you know yourself'....


gemma said...

Peace be with you on your retreat.
Try to show your tummy at Good Samaritans and St. Benedict. Maybe that will make your liver smile.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

How wonderful that you are going to follow the Oblate path! Enjoy your silent retreat this weekend. Listen for the still, small voice.

Fire Byrd said...

Good toknow that you're taking care of yourself with Western/ Eastern medicine and Spirtually
Surely that combination will get rid of all nasty gremlins making you feel ill.
Hope you're retreat helps.I believe they are very powerful when you have to be silent.

mxtodis123 said...

Sending (((hugs))) and prayers your way. I sure do know what stress can do to the body, and I thank you for these tips. The only thing I cannot have is the wine, but the rest of the tips will come in handy. Take care of yourself, my friend.

Holly said...

Shhhh, Robyn is finding her quiet bliss. How wonderful!

Imogen said...

I hope the retreat is wonderful...

Anonymous said...

Dear Robyn,
I pray all your treatments will address the issues and you will soon be back in good health. Sitting out in the sun a few minutes will be good for your liver as well as lifting your spirits. Now parsley honey wine sounds rather interesting. My husband just made two gallons of mead ~ we have to wait a month I think before its ready to drink. Not sure if I even want to try it!
I love working with crystals too ~
I've just been given a pink opal which is supposed to bring tranquilty to your aura, something I've been in dire need of ~
I look forward to hearing more about your journey with the Oblates...

Sheila said...

It's good to read that you are taking care of yourself Robyn.
Enjoy the weekend.

Pam said...

Wow, you are taking action on all fronts dear Robyn. Wishing you a rejuvinating retreat as you take some time out for contemplation and renewal. All the very best on your path to spiritual and physical healing and strength... sending hugs.

Crystalrainbow said...

Try making a solar talisman ..... mine was a painting of the sun.... then charge it up in the mid day sun and put it somewhere you can see it every day ..... or wear it :) it works wonders x x x

rebecca said...

how i love your mindful presence.

Winterwood said...

gosh what is an oblate Robyn?

interesting post... yes, we must look after ourselves, as mums we are great looking after others but not so ourselves. so its good to stop and take the time to hear what our bodies are telling us and heed the messgae which you are doing.

Winterwood said...

ps forgot to add that I have the book here the rule of st. Benedict - made very heavy reading but enjoyed learning and reading it.

amelia said...

I hope your weekend is wonderful. I would love to spend time in absolute silence but most of the time it's very quiet here in the forest.
Take good care of your liver. Milk thistle is very good for all liver problems..

judie said...

Bless you Robyn. I know you will find your peace. Keep us posted please on your Oblate journey. xoxo

Serena said...

it sounds like you're doing everything right for your health. i hope you see a big improvement at your next blood test.

serena xo

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)