Thursday, April 14, 2011


it seems that I am going within - just like the wheel of the year.. withdrawing, not having much to say.. sometimes i feel panic rising up inside when i have nothing to blog about.. fear of the silence once again. I am constantly filling my life [and my head] with constant chatter

I learned something about myself while on retreat.. it was like a small epiphany..
where my fear comes from. where it originated from. I still don't know whether or not to share it here..I am not even sure if readers want to know..we shall see. but it is a big part of my journey. a very big part.

cobwebs in the very early morning dew.. they reminded me of faery chandeliers.
I pondered this while away on retreat.. i pondered what, you, my very small handful of readers want to know about.. a few of my readers have been with me from the beginning.. and know that my blog is mostly about the evolving of my soul. so dear friends.. what is it you wish to know about life at Villa Maria? the garden, my day or my soul searching?


Fire Byrd said...

I want to know whatever you want to tell me.I just love coming here , cause I just love you.
And you do know that if you need to tell about you but not here, you know where I am cause I'm here for you.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A blog serves YOUR needs. You should write about what you want. We are privileged just to read what you want to share. No obligations!

Carol H said...

I find your soul searching is so very much like my own, even though we are on opposite ends of the universe,I feel like we are soul sisters. Your thoughts sometimes mimic my own, I wonder about so much and try to stay grounded but sometimes I go off or inward too.
Just continue to be yourself and write what you are feeling and know that someone across the miles may be feeling as you do and glad not to be the only one having those thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Robyn,
I've always loved your blogs ~ from the Tales of Inglewood, the Goddess one and I know there have been a few others and of course now your Villa Maria.
They have always drawn me in because you wear your heart on your sleeve and aren't afraid to share with everyone your true feelings. You are a woman of Grace.
So, I love to hear about your garden and your day and most especially your soul searching.
Hugs from across the miles))

Gloria said...

Very nice post. Intense and thought provoking. It would be interesting to know about your garden, your day and your soul searching. I guess that's how we help one another. Have a wonderful day.

Wendy said...

Sometimes we have to empty the well, before it's refilled...And I always believe in quality vs. quantity esp. when blogging. Personally, I'd like to read here anything that moves you...A good blogging friend of mine said, "blog about what you would want to read in another blog." This advice is the best advice I ever heard about posting and blogging.

Imogen said...

Whatever the nature of your epihany the important thing is that you've had it - a blessed moment and hopefully another little guiding light along your path. I always enjoy reading whatever you choose to share; there's something magical about the evolving of the soul and the garden both.
And regarding the chatter in the head, who was it who said/where is it that it was said? - "Be still, and know that I am God..."
And Blessed Julian of Norwich: "See, I am God; see, I do all things, see I made all things; see, I never left my hands from off my works, nor never shall, from without beginning. How then should any thing be amiss?" (I'm quoting that from memory so I may have it a bit garbled, sorry!).

Crystalrainbow said...

Oh never fear :) i love reading your blog no matter what its about :) for you the year is heading to the dark a time to hibinate rest and recoupe after the summers activitys, dont be hard on yourself just go with the flow x x x x

Serena said...

I love reading your blog when I get the chance, Robyn. It's real and honest and I like hearing about your day, your soul searching and your gardening. It's all interesting.

The dew-laden cobwebs make quite a pretty sight.

Serena xo

A bird in the hand said...

Be true to yourself. this is what this blog is all about. It isn't about pleasing others; it's about pleasing you. Being true yourself filters out the people who shouldn't be in your sphere anyway, brings in those who should be, and what's more, it eliminates stress.

Holly said...

I liked what Debra said to you very much. It' true. But, I also understand the fear of having nothing to write; for me,I have experienced the fear of nothing to write but realized it wasn't that which scared was being afraid that those who came to read my blog would evaporate because I've had nothing to say for long stretches now.

Yes, some have stopped coming, but a few handful with whom a genuine connection was made, they still come to visit in one form or another. So, listen to what Debra says for I think she's telling you the rightness of this blogging business.

As for me? I enjoy reading about your 'journey' even in the moments of silence that fill your pages from time to time.

Ruth said...

I agree - it's all interesting and I want to read whatever you feel like writing. It's all about following your soul's journey. And I'm really curious to hear about your epiphany...

gemma said...

The fact that you embrace multi-faceted aspects of yourself touches me. You write about seeking all elements from spiritual to gardening that make up the total of who you are. Sending my love to you dear Robyn always and always.

rebecca said...

dear friend,

peeling back the layers is deep soul work. allowing, letting go.
i see you on wings...floating free of all weight, burdens, fears, suffering. from above looking down they will all seem so tiny, so completely manageable. you can easily open your heart and from this leap of faith the stones will fall from your open hands...
slowly..they will fall, all the while your heart becoming lighter, your stones...becoming flowers.

how can i know this?

i am right beside you...doing some deep soul work of my own.


Pam said...

Robyn everything you write is interesting, sometimes suprising at the time(selling Inglewood!) and always touching.
It is a joy to know that Tales of Inglewood existed and now the wonderful Stories from Villa Maria.
As for something more pivotal in your reflections, such as an epiphany, disclose as much as you want, when you want,whatever makes you comfortable. I would be fascinated with this aspect of your spiritual journey should you choose to share it with us.
I enjoy reading about your trips big and small,what bought you to the place in time where you now find yourself,what you love, where you find peace, and how you tackle what life throws your way. All those things that have always made your blog one of my favourite places.
It will be great to see how your garden and Villa Maria grow with all your TLC,and if you struggle to find something to say at a certain point, so be it! Sounds like a chance to pause and reflect. Much love to you always.xxxx

amelia said...

I love reading about your life and your journey.
I would also like to see some of the native birds from your area. I love to read about your garden and your chooks! Love to see pics of your house. I love reading everything you post!! xoxox

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)