Friday, September 10, 2010

Villa Maria speaks to me

not a day goes by without me knowing that I love living here. I feel blessed. it is like I have just finally slotted into the life that I am meant to be living, here. it is all coming together. nicely.

funny thing is that when I moved, I bought alot of my 'things' with me.. favourite curtains and alot of furniture, which bit by bit has been sold or swapped for something different.
- decorating Villa Maria has taken on a life of its own. it is as if the house is telling me what to do

My previous home, Inglewood was a true mountains cottage & I had it decorated in a kind of comfy, english look..

when we first bought this house, I had plans of creating a french look with an eccentric twist here at Villa Maria

but as I play house here, Villa Maria is taking on an Italianate look - vintage of course.

lots of gold is coming in to play.. lots of deep reds, tassels and gaudy pieces of furniture. accessories which most people shudder at. but you know, it is coming together really well. I love it.

op-shops have taken on a new purpose. with us finding our love of treasure hunting once again [I think both Joe & I had become stale in our passions of hunting for stuff we loved] but now, we have that excited gleam in our eyes as we spy yet another second hand junk shop or op shop on our travels.

I am looking for lace curtains which I absolutely abhorred in the 70's.. I have found a few and the best thing is, it seems I am the only one with a passion for this vintage italian look that is making itself known to me.. and things are very cheap. take for instance a lovely vintage curtain for $3. absolute bargain.

ebay has been fun.

I have found some gold velvet chairs and re-possessed a gold and glass table that I had given away.

I have swapped my large yellow floral lounge for a small, pink velvet one. seagrass table has been sold and in its place i have bought a chunky wooden table which to my surprise has crosses engraved in the top.

I have even swapped my antique bed quilt for a 1960's velvet fringed bedspread.. bought on ebay from a woman whose mother in law bought it with her when she migrated to Australia from Italy, in 1960. it has been stored in a linen cupboard since then and never been used. like new. ...
I have even bought an old ceramic italian holy water font to hang in my entrance, near my altar.

the garden too. I have planted olive trees along the nature strip. lots of geraniums are going in along the rock wall, to spill their bright blooms down over. a large urn sits in the corner of a garden, holding geraniums whose ancestors belonged to my great grandmother.. aromatic herbs are planted amidst the garden.. hopefully to give of their strong perfumes in the heat of summer... even the garden is taking on a life of its own.
yes, I truly love Villa Maria.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love how you are listening to the spirit of Villa Maria and decorating accordingly!

mxtodis123 said...

Villa Maria is lovely, and I am so glad that you are happy there. I remember when you were a little worried about your transition. I love Villa Maria.

Fire Byrd said...

If I could remember how to spell the Italian words I know I'd write this in that language. Instead I'll just be pleased that you and Joe are having so much fun.

Pam said...

Robyn you are so much fun! Some people are adventurers through life. I used to crave these people when I was growing up. People "who's imaginations never leave them alone". Here's to Villa Maria and your spirit of adventure. I love all the creativity involved here! Happy shopping!xxxx

Leanne said...

Robyn- you really did Go Home, didnt you? You were listening when Villa Maria called you...
It makes me smile to read of you so happy..

Leanne x

Cheryl@Gingerbread Crafts said...

You didn't get a hint from the name you chose? Sounds very Italian to me :)

It seems you have found where Villa Maria's Soul was hiding and that it's very happy to finally have someone who can hear it.

gemma said...

Wow the patina of the floors and all of the palette flows together beautifully. I also love old Italian Tuscan colors and always an eccentric twist.

amelia said...

I'm so happy that you are happy and enjoying your life and putting your new home together. As long as you like the way it's coming together it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

Happy decorating!!!

judie said...

Love how it is speaking to you Robyn.
That large vase with the grapes tumbling down is wonderful too!

Sheila said...

Villa Maria must be breathing a sigh of relief that finally someone has moved in who understands what 'she' has been waiting for. Keep listening and 'she' will keep telling you what is needed. So far, between you things are looking bellissima!

Janet said...

It's great that Villa Maria is letting you know what she wants and how she wants to look....and you're paying attention to her. I love all the little glimpses you show us. I'm sure she is happy and will reward you with many wonderful years within her walls.

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)