Saturday, September 4, 2010

yesterday. a day in the city ~ [with some trivia links]

[Central station Sydney. Our mountains trains depart and arrive from here. we get special trains for the mountains.]

my friend Peter, supports a charity called the Lantern Club [which raises money for the Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children] and he has been trying for many years to get me to join.. but with my children little, I just didn't have the time ..

years went on and I became a grandma & little Harry was born just over 2 yrs ago :Introducing Harry.. he was just beautiful

[and of course, still is]. Harry - August 2010

Harry was slow in talking and after quite a few tests, he was found to have a very slight hearing problem and was fitted with hearing aids to help him identify certain syllables... He will wear these for sometime, while his hearing is re-trained.
I love all my grandsons but well, when I look at Harry, it is like looking into my own self. he is very much like me to look at when I was a child. we have a bond.
when we found out about this little hearing problem, I looked up and said to God. 'well, if it takes this to make me join the Lantern Club, then I suppose this will be my pet charity'.. and I joined.

yesterday, dutch husband & I, went to Sydney. on the train.

standing on one of the stations at Central ~ I remember coming here with my Nan, dressed in my best clothes. Ladies would be dressed in their finery. Hats and gloves were a must when going to the city.. times have changed and people are dressed so differently ~ I wore a vintage green cardigan. tights and black skirt. lovely rosary beads around my neck, sent to me from a friend.

to a very lovely, swish hotel

[The Menzies]
for the annual luncheon fundraiser for the Lantern club.. we travelled by train with a lovely group of *older* ladies, some in their late 80's!!

& sat with ladies we didn't know.. chatting and making new friends

Joe & I had alot of fun. He has recently retired and we chatted as we travelled along. I told him that I wanted to take some photos for my blog and then we got to talking of maybe oneday a month, coming to Sydney by train and exploring. there is so much to see in the city. China Town. markets. Parks & museums. Art gallerys. and of course the famous Harbour bridge..

so many adventures to come......
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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a lovely time! And yes, there are always adventures to come!

mxtodis123 said...

Looks like such a wonderful time. It's important for you to take a break and get away from it all. Harry is truly a beautiful child. How blessed you are.

Winterwood said...

Ive never been to Sydney so would enjoy a series of shots from there. I will live vicariously through you !! What a worthwhile charity, just wonderful and glad you joined them!

Janet said...

That looks like such a fun day. I haven't been on a train in years....and that hotel looks gorgeous! And how nice that your hubby wants to take the train into town more often. You can explore!!

Pam said...

You look so happy, and what a wonderful time! What a dear Harry is! Loved your photos, especially the last one.Felt like waving back!!xx

amelia said...

I love train rides but rarely if ever get to ride on them. The distances are too great here and there's are not enough trains or stations.
My family left yesterday so I'm back on the computer a bit more now!!

gemma said...

Wonderful getaway and great charity. Much love and well wishes to your gorgeous Harry.((xx))
My father worked for the railroad so train rides are special to me.

judie said...

Yes, I remember how proud you were when Harry was born. It doesnt seem that long ago. I think you will find some inner joy belonging to an organization like the Lantern Club.

Beatnheart said...

Things seem to be going very well for you...I love your photography and the pic of you, I can tell we’d get along just by he way you dress! I’m shallow that way. the look of the blog too. Your post about the new pad was deep. I know your so busy but don’t be a stranger..always good to hear from you..come check out my husbands art work on my blog...Cynthia

A bird in the hand said...

Harry is such a sweetie pie! Please give him a big hug from me. A day trip to the city can be invigorating. You look happy. xoxoxoxoxo

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)