Monday, September 20, 2010

the weekend that was

for the past few weeks, around and about, banners and signs have been advertising a fete at a local nursing home.. I had been looking forward to it for ages - plans to buy cakes and maybe some old fashioned geraniums to put in my garden here at Villa Maria.

Joe & I walked up to the fete early Saturday morning. me taking my much loved trolley. walking along paths through the bush to the nursing home fete.

when we arrived the first stall we visited was the garden stall. Not alot to choose from in the way of plants.. but plenty of cut flowers for sale

[buckets of clivias, cut fresh that morning]

[and bouquets of lavender for $5 a piece. the colour took my breath away]

I had promised myself that I would have a devonshire tea when I was at the fete but the sausage sizzle tempted my senses

[so I shared one with Joe. there is nothing like the smell of sausages sizzling on the BBQ!]
after that little snack, we wandered around looking at the craft & jam stalls.

[pink hats seemed to be the order of the day]

then it was time to sit under the umbrellas provided and enjoy the treat that i had promised myself.

we shared our table

[with young ones]

[and old ones & ones inbetween]

then it was time to visit the white elepant stall...

[chairs for sale]

[and all manner of other old junk] - I bought myself an ugly glass bottle & a glass vase type thing.. one mans junk is anothers treasure so the saying goes..

I struggle often with my spirituality - never knowing if I am Christian or pagan or something in between... can one be something in between - is that possible?
I love going to Catholic Mass & I have been missing that. I love the serenity and peace, the tradition, the feeling of being connected to all those that have gone before me, who leaned on their faith.
I also love my ancestral roots - the Earth wisdom. the following of the wheel of the year and celebrating each turn.
moving back to Springwood, living not far from my former parish church has given me the opportunity to go to Mass as often as I like, to renew my faith and to try and combine all my beliefs into one.. and to try not to feel an ounce of guilt.
a perfect time on Sunday just gone, to attend Mass for the first time since I moved to Villa Maria - and around the time of Spring Equinox - I think God may have a hand in that - a new beginning.. a new faith blossoming.. I am so looking forward to this Spring Equinox coming up!


Winterwood said...

We go to a wonderful church in the port of Freo.. combining my love of sea, ports, boats and church. How lucky are we both Robyn?

Ruth said...

Yes, I am sure one can be something inbetween, and why not. I think I am a pagan Buddhist!

mxtodis123 said...

You seem so much happier. I remember when you were so hesitant about this move, and it seems now like it was meant to be.

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

its so good to come here and finally catch up with your adventures :)

Sheila said...

A beautiful post Robyn.
Moving to Springwood was a good thing!

Pam said...

Yipee!I think you are exactly where you need to be. I don't think we need to put labels on our spirituality, we are exactly what we are, and what makes us feel close to God and helps us to celebrate our womanhood,is nobody's business, just between the all-encompassing Great Spirit and ourselves.If we find like-minded souls on our journey, all the better, and cause for celebration. Such a lovely warm post Robyn.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

It is. I am.
Happy Spring! :)

gemma said...

You can be whatever "feels" right to you. What makes you most whole? It's a combination of things with me as well.

Leanne said...

You sound so happy now Robyn. A lovely post!

Leanne x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Spirituality comes from our hearts, not our heads. Intellectual contradictions cannot constrain what we truly feel. Blessings to you!

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)