Sunday, January 23, 2011

oh the little red dress..

sorting things in my mind from my childhood..
healing the past or rather embracing the past
so it no longer haunts me....
so many memories coming up ~ healing memories..
the little red dress..

memories of me
dressed in the most divine red velvet dress,
just above the knee.
black patent shoes and white socks.
thinking I was a princess.
feeling special. loving myself.
how long ago was that? about 4 years of age..

then it went missing..
given away by my mother
to someone who needed it more than me.
my four year old heart was broken.

I have searched op shops & vintage clothing boutiques for my little red velvet dress..

but being inspired by a very good blogging friend and soul artist, I began to create the red dress in art.. Colette encouraged and helping me to stumble towards ecstasy.. towards my heart & soul being mended.

[a work in progress.. do I add to it or no? I will sit and look for awhile.. there is no hurry..]
and as I sit and ponder.. I will continue to stumble towards ecstasy


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope at least you had outgrown the dress before your mother gave it away.

Janet said...

What a great idea to re-create your red velvet dress. I love the words you added to it. I can just see you as a little girl, twirling around in your dress, dancing and laughing. Those are the memories to hold on to.

amelia said...

I too had a red velvet dress and don't know what happened to it. Also the black patent shoes. My dress had a white collar as so many did those days. My dad thought I looked pretty in it...

Good for you working through some of the s**t, I don't seem to be able to as I have to deal with her on a daily basis. Maybe when she's no longer here.

rebecca said...

it is amazing how certain elements from childhood hold a forever power through out our lives.
little red dress....your mother could never have known how invested you were in what the dress "gave you" when you slipped into its red velvet glory.
i love that you are allowing your memories and art to conjure up a place inside that longs for healing.
this is a lovely and deeply personal post. i appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to take us in.
picturing you as a young girl dressed in utter happiness.

much love,

gemma said...

Art is healing. Oh the little red dress is a connection with your inner child. It is so good that you are honoring her with your art.xx

turquoise cro said...

O! Why do mothers do such things!?? Mine gave my precious dolls and record player away while I went away for a job in another state! At least I was older, 18, but why!! Why did she do such a thing?!! My beloved dolls!!! HOPE YOU find that red dress or better yet find one that fits YOU now!!! TWIRL, Twirl, TWIRL my little girly!!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

What a great way to bring back your red velvet dress. Did your dress pretty much look like this one as you have created it? I have one outfit of each of my children, now grown and then some. It's me that can't let go, not them.

Winterwood said...

I was totally amazed at such a wonderful idea - would never have thought of this in a million yrs myself! tell us how its making you feel when you look at the red dress now? Isnt it strange how things from childhood are not forgotten! Icould write a book about mine!

Stephanie said...

Such a wonderful idea to recreate that very special memory from your childhood.

Imogen said...

How lovely - & it looks very like my little brown velvet dress from about the same age of my life! Strange vivid memories of feeling unbelievably smart and at the same time being terrified of getting lemon meringue pie down the front...

A bird in the hand said...

Very well done!
It's beautiful. xox

Anonymous said...

as a little girl i had a dress that made me feel everything wonderful... thank you for bringing us back to that little girl in her most tender of moments... feeling as a princess in the land of everything perfect... and the heartache of losing it... me i fell and hit my lip blood everywhere... i was hysterical b/c of the pain and fright and looking down at my dress ruined... it is good to be a part of a whole of healing....

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)