Sunday, January 16, 2011

a summer's day

i thought i would take you on a wander through my garden.. always, for me, a stumble towards ecstasy.

sage: four of five leaves a day help with hot flushes. either in cooking or make an infusion.

oregano planted for pizzas and italian dishes

lemon balm or melissa ~ to calm the nerves, to help with body heat & also for melancholy. a cup of lemon balm tea after each meal helps with digestion

garlic was planted at winter solstice and harvested just now ~ hanging to dry and will be used all year round

dandelion for water retention.. and lemon thyme for moroccan dishes

basil ~ oh the delights of basil.. is there nothing more summery than the fragrance of freshly picked basil?

yesterday, I took a small basket of produce to a friend.. eggs, newly dug potatoes, tomatoes, garlic and capsicums.. & a sprig of lemon thyme ~ she is amazed at how well the garden is producing in such a short time.. but the hens are happy and you know how much work i put into the soil when i first moved in. worms are in abundance now at Villa Maria..

as I sat outside today - sipping on a glass of lemon balm water.. dragonflys flittered to and fro .. the garden is going wild at the moment with the abundant rain and heat..

the swamp gum ~ full of blossom at the moment.. and although small ~ full of honey

later in the afternoon, we set up a little table in our courtyard.. candles, a glass of wine and ordered home delivered pizza.. & sat outside under the moon ~

welsh onions grow sturdily along side mini capsicums.. sweet, sweet ~ perfect for pizza and salads

to top my day off I received an email from my friend thanking me for the gift from my garden: I’ve already made a hole in your precious produce. 4 little potatoes for dinner, sampled the ‘burst-in-the-mouth’ tomatoes and lemon thyme was chopped into the chickpea tagine...yum! Forever grateful for your wonderful sharing. Bless you Sweet Angel 0:-)

other little things I have enjoyed this week: a large jug of water flavoured with a sprig or two of mint. 3 large gardenias from a friends garden. a lovely head massage & playing with my grandsons.

and more ecstasy here: join in ! with Rebecca


amelia said...

Oh what a wonderful picture you paint!! I'm so jealous of all your produce and am wishing more and more that I lived in a place where The gardening season wasn't so short.
It's -25 this morning and everything is frozen solid but the good thing is, we can go on the lake on our snow mobiles!! Well wrapped up of course!!

Robyn said...

Beautiful garden.
Thanks for sharing.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Thank you, Miss*R! I needed a tour through your summer garden today. Up here it is 20 below zero and we have 3 feet of snow.

Janet said...

You definitely have a green thumb. Your garden looks great. It must be wonderful to just step outside and find the herbs you need. And it's so nice of you to share with others. I'm always very appreciative when my neighbors share gifts from their gardens whether it's fruit, veggies, or flowers.

rebecca said...

i am feeling so nurtured here....
such a sensual sojourn, such thoughtful planting...

the ponds just down from my studio window...where i have just taken a leap of faith to white paper painting, are just beginning to thaw around the edges. with the slightest breeze the reflection of ancient trees dazzles in light and shadow.

i am warmed here beside you. the work of your tending hands fortifying the garden of my heart.

thank you for this perfect infusion of love.


judie said...

I am amazed at how quickly your garden has grown, but then I keep forgetting that you are in summer while I am freezing here in The Sunshine State where it is supposed to be warm all the time. Your garden is lovely. Yes, worms are good!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

a garden
has bloomed in my heart
this morning

Sweet Ecstasy!

Serena said...

what a lovely post of nature and friendship!

Paula Scott said...

I am glad that you brought me here to your garden, your Shangrila. I am in ecstasy.

gemma said...

Your garden is thriving. So beautiful. I can imagine holding bundles of sage,oregano and basil and breathing in the scent. That garlic
looks great too. Best of all is that you are enjoying it all. Speaking of scent Gardenia's WOW! Wish they grew here.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Your garden is thriving, but it is late summer there, yes? Love your garden, what you'll do with the herbs, and then meeting with a friend. Nothing sprouting here yet. Thanks for taking us with you today.

Noelle Renee said...

Your lovely description makes me want to bask in the shade of your garden, share a glass of mint infused water with you and talk about how the plants are growing. It is life on a different and lovely level. It is a meditation. Thank you.

Fire Byrd said...

Lovely post. Wonderful garden full of abundance and cherishing. Must be to do with the woman who makes it!
Enjoy your long hot summer days and evenings.

Annie said...

Robyn, do you have ANY idea how changed you are from the woman I met five years ago??? You have truly come into you own. Like you new garden in your new home, you have blossomed and are growing - wildly.

foxysue said...

It's a pure delight reading your ecstasy post,you describe things in such a way that makes me feel like I'm right there beside you!

BTW My grandfather came from Somerset, not far from Cornwall.

Sue x

turquoise cro said...

SWOON! I am INSPIRED beyond belief!!! Basil. I LOVE basil!!! I must try and grow these this spring! Garlic too, one of my FAV!!!ECSTASY!!!

deb did it said...

oh my mouth is watering as I read this post.....herbal photos....I am stumbling towards Springtime

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

thank you for the wander around your garden :)

being opposite to you my sage and lemon balm is still in hibernation, but thank you for the tip regarding sage and hot flushes!

we do have small green shots pushing up through the soil although today was bitterly cold~but wonderful clear sky and a huge bright full moon!

"She seemed to come suddenly upon happiness as if she had surprised a butterfly in the Winter woods"
(edith wharton)